Sewing Apple Doll Clothes - Granny or Grandpa
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Supplies: material for shirt, skirt or pants, stretchy material for socks, felt for grandpa's hat & leather or vinyl for grandpa's suspenders. home /next page

 1. Use stretchy material. Socks are 3"w x 6"h, folded in half. cut material so sock stretches width wise. Fold in 1/2 and stitch along bottom and side, leaving top open. Turn inside out.

 7. Fold skirt in half. Sew side seam.

 2.Double material so fold is on top edge of the shirt. Shirt is 9" wide at top fold, 2" wide sleeves & 5" wide across bottom.    8. turn inside out. Skirt with apron attached!

 3. Turn up edge on sleeves, gather while sewing. Sew sides of shirt.

 9. Pants are 6" w x 10" h. cut 2. cut slit 5 1/2 " from bottom for legs.

 4. Turn inside out.

 10. Sew one side of pants.

 5. Skirt is 15" w x 9 1/2" h. Apron is 8" w x 5"h. Hem apron on 3 sides.

 11. Open and turn top of pants under. Sew & gather top edge. Sew other side of pants and inside of legs. Turn inside out.

 6. Lay apron on top edge of skirt. Turn top edge over. Sew & gather top edge. Hem bottom of skirt.


 12. Cut strips of leather or vinyl for suspenders.


13. Hat. From felt, cut 2 half circles. Sew along curved edge. Turn inside out. cut circle with hole. Glue bottom hat, slipping brim over hat.
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